HSE training is becoming more expensive and well demanded as prerequisite by oil and gas companies around the world. For this reason, the Association of Global Oil and Gas Professionals Inc. – AGOGPro has decided to make it free for all graduates who desire to take up a career in the global oil and gas industry.

Start training right away wherever you are globally!

Email: freetraining@agogpro.org

AGOGPro feeds the great brands of the global oil and gas industry

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Our Leadership Values

Do what’s right


By acting with integrity, behaving responsibly and treating people with respect.

Deliver wining results

By expecting to win, owning personal and collective accountability to deliver; taking appropriate risks without fear of failure while challenging for constant improvement

Build collaborative teams

By attracting only the best people, serving, recognizing and rewarding their development and success, fostering a collaborative and open environment with the freedom to disagree but always making timely decisions and aligning behind them

Get things done in fact based, disciplined way

By seizing the initiative with highest level of urgency and energy; meeting all commitments responsively while being objective, analytical and using effective process

Learn and grow, inwardly and outwardly

By being introspective personally and organizationally, freely admitting mistakes or development needs; deeply understanding and connecting with stakeholders globally as a primary source of learning and growth

Dare to be transparent, passionate and humble

By having the self-confidence and courage to be completely candid and direct; willing to communicate openly in a trusting manner; acting with passion, conviction and personal humility, especially when delivering winning results